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You should have heard of USB debugging mode which is usually done before rooting your device, which is the reason you are here. Have you ever thought what it is or why it is done? It is actually done to establish a connection between your device and PC. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot transfer files without doing it.

During processes like rooting, you will have to run certain commands in your device which is only possible after USB debugging is enabled. It is actually a process which synchronize data between your device and PC. USB debugging is usually used by developers to get into the depths of the device by using a tool called ‘adb’. It allows you to install non-market apps/scripts in your device using PC.

USB Debugging Mode

It is better to turn it off once your purpose is over because it may also make your device vulnerable as it installs other scripts without your knowledge and it makes the personal information like user name and passwords easily accessible to others. It may also reveal the hardware and software information of the device.

You can find the option to enable USB debugging under the Application  section (inside Development) in settings.

That’s all with USB debugging mode. If you have any more queries regarding this feature, just drop a comment below and we”ll be looking into it.

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