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You should have heard developers telling that the themes and ROMs are being deodexed. Most of the users skip this word as they are unclear about it. If you want to know what deodexed actually means, here, in this article we have written about deodexing in android in detail.

What is 'Deodexed' in Android?

While dealing with Android file systems, you should have heard of odexed files in application packages. They are actually collection of parts of an application which are optimized before booting. If you wanna know more about odexing in android, read our article on it : What is ‘Odexed’ in Android? It could better to know what ‘odexed’ means before going into ‘deodexed’.

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Repacking the APKs or application packages in a certain way is called deodexing. Deodexing reassembles the parts of application packages into one location as classes.dex files. Deodexing makes theming easier, makes modification simpler etc.

Deodexing also causes problems while booting the device as it removes the dalvic cache built during odexing. But at the same time, if you wanna modify your Android themes deodexing the custom ROM is a good way.

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