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Bootloader is a word which you usually come across in most of the rooting tutorials and most of the people complete the rooting procedure without knowing what it actually means. If you are unclear about this term, read this article to have a clear picture about what bootloader actually means and why there is a need to unlock it.

Bootloader is a term which is not only applicable for smartphones, you have a bootloader even in your PC or laptop. To be simple, the term bootloader means, a script which is run before the operating system starts and this is the function which they perform in smartphones, PC or your laptop . In smartphones, bootloader gets executed before  the launch of every application and makes the application work specifically for the processor. Every Android device in the market comes with a bootloader which is exclusively designed for the device’s hardware. Bootloader is the main barrier which a user should cross to access control over the OS.

What is Bootloader And Why To Unlock It?

Most of the Android devices comes to the market with a locked bootloader. Locking the bootloader is actually a kind of encryption of the system files. Manufacturers do so to keep the OS unaltered by the users. So, unlocking the stock bootloader is the first step in most of the rooting procedures. But you should think at least twice before unlocking the bootloader as incorrect execution of the unlock method has many consequences. It may void your phone’s warranty and may leave it in a bricked state and manufacturers don’t support this even though Android is an open source software. But now manufacturers like HTC, Asus and Sony Ericsson have come with tools to unlock the bootloaders of their devices.

I expect that now you have a clear idea about bootloader, if you still have doubts feel free to drop comments and we’ll be looking in to it.

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