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Most of the Android users who have done specialized actions in their devices such us rooting or bootloader unlock may have come across the terminologies custom recovery or stock recovery at least once. Majority of the users just swallow it and move on with their procedures without properly knowing what it is. Here we have an explained article on Android stock recovery.

The Android recovery is actually a bootable segment in the internal memory of the device. Almost all devices comes in with a recovery console installed in their internal memory. This stock recovery enables you to do few functions like updating the device, factory reset (wiping all data), gather information about the device etc once you have booted into recovery mode. The installation of the official OS updates are done through the stock recovery.

Stock Recovery in Android

A combination of keys pressed in a specific order will boot up the device in recovery mode which displays the list of options to do the aforesaid things. The user can navigate through the options with the volume keys and select them using the power button.

As I said, the stock recovery is not complete in all respects and may not satisfy some users. In those cases you can opt for a custom recovery which comes along with a lot of extra features like enabling you to flash custom ROMs, partition the SD card etc.

Got any doubts on stock recovery now? Feel free to drop down your queries as comments and we’ll be looking in to it.

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