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‘Nandroid backup’; if you are a user who browses through the internet about Android and smartphones, you probably would have seen this word, especially if you are doing rooting and stuff. Read on if you are not much clear about what a nandroid backup is.

Performing a nandroid backup creates a copy of your stock ROM which is very useful when you do something in your device which possess a risk. Nandroid backup creates a backup of the system files and user data. It creates a complete backup of everything in your device.

What is a Nandroid Backup?

Performing it, demands the need for a custom recovery on the device (Read our post on custom recovery to know more about it : What Is A Custom Recovery And What Are Its Advantages?). Once you have completed flashing a custom recovery, performing a nandroid backup is very simple.

You can use a  recovery like ClockWorkMod recovery to do a nandroid restore any time and bring your phone back to the stock ROM (Read this post to know more about ClockWorkMod Recovery and how to install it). It is better to have a backup even if you are not doing anything risky in your device, just to be more safe.

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