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Usually, you see the word kernel while going through rooting tutorials. Most of the users skip this word without knowing what it is. But now you wish to know in detail that what a kernel is and that is why you are here. Continue reading this article to know more about a kernel.

Kernel in Android

What is a Kernel in Android?

A kernel is something which acts as a communication link between the device’s software and hardware. It is the kernel which controls the passage of instructions between software and hardware. All the Android devices when manufactured has a kernel installed in them which is called the stock kernel. Most of the higher level operating systems have a kernel installed which is entirely different from each other. Android devices uses a Linux based kernel, but it doesn’t mean that the kernel in all versions of Android are same, the kernel present in one may not work for other.

Kernel provides support at areas like process management, memory management and file management. When you tap on a particular area of your phone, the hardware sends the instructions to software through kernel for performing the process which you instructed for. Like this everything in the device works with a kernel and it is impossible for a device to work without a kernel as it is the carrier of inputs and outputs.

Now we expect that you have a better idea about what a kernel is and if you have any more doubts, drop a comment below and we’ll be pleased to reply for it.

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