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Most of the Android users opt to unlock the bootloader of their device since a lot of extra privileges are unlocked with it. Along with those extra privileges comes some risks and the primary concern is loosing the DRM Keys and the TA partitions stored in them.

To know the necessity of unlocking your device’s bootloader, have a glance at our post: What is Bootloader and Why to Unlock it?

Unlocking Sony Xperia Z1 Bootloader Results in Non-Functional Camera

Now, many Sony Xperia Z1 users have started to report non functionality of the device’s camera on stock firmware after unlocking the bootloader. A few owners started reporting the issue on various threads on XDA and now it seems everyone who unlocked their Sony Xperia Z1’s bootloader ended up with a broken camera app.

So be sure to have a backup of the TA partitions if you are planning to work around your Xperia Z1’s bootloader. Once you experience any problem with the unlocked bootloader, then it’s only the matter of restoring the TA partitions. If you are looking forward to backup the TA partitions, then you may read our post: Relock Bootloader of any Sony Xperia Device With Backup TA.

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