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We have a piece of good news for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 users who are disappointed with the KNOX technology which the company brought along with the Android 4.3 build for the device.

Before going on to the good news, let me give an understanding about the KNOX for those who are unclear. To be simple, KNOX is just an addition to the Android operating system which separates the user’s corporate apps from the personal apps. It requires the apps to be specially modified to get installed on your device and hence prohibits some apps to be installed directly from the Google Play Store which is definitely a disadvantage.

Sprint Galaxy S3 gets Root on Android 4.3 [Pre-Rooted stock ROM]

So here we have the solution, XDA Recognized Contributor CNexus has been able to modify the stock 4.3 MK3 ROM to give a KNOX free build of the same. And guess what, it’s rooted as well. The developer provides both Odexed (both rooted and unrooted) and Deodexed (only rooted version) versions, which are available for download at the original source at XDA.

Flashing the ROM is nothing complicated, once you have downloaded the ROM and updated to the latest recovery, then it’s just the matter of flashing the ROM and the downloaded WiFi fix (NOTE : Screen rotation gets bugged with the WiFi fix) and the KNOX remover.

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