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If you are one among the millions eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III to arrive, here is a happy news for you. The Samsung Galaxy S III root has been achieved ahead of its launch. A developer named Chainfire has been able to achieve root with the device’s release candidate firmware but never even had GS3 in hand. With the help of a leaked build, Chainfire was able to achieve the root without the device. So if Samsung doesn’t make any moves into the firmware, then get ready to root your new Samsung Galaxy S III by the time it reaches your hands, if you really intend in doing it.

Root Samsung Galaxy S III

Further Details Of Samsung Galaxy S III Root

The whole process required only reloading the kernel with an altered adb binary and then manually installing the SuperUser app. Flashing recoveries has also been put to the easy part as recovery partition is allowed in the Galaxy S III firmware. The standard boot.img format has also added to the easy procedure of rooting Galaxy S III. Anyway the developer has not released the “insecure” kernel fearing that it might be traced back to leaks at the same time he also said that the process is so simple that any developer with knowledge in the area will be able to root the device. It seems that Samsung has made it easier for users to benefit from root access on it’s new phone.

Over the last few years Samsung has released the kernel source code of pretty much every device it makes, and doesn’t put up any  difficult barriers for custom developers. As the root method digs in more, Custom ROM’s and other stuffs for Galaxy S III will be jumping out soon after the release. Samsung Galaxy S III will reach European carrier by the end of this month. An exact release date of the device can’t be told at this point, but probably it is to come to the user’s hands by June.

via XDA Developers

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