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About Samsung Dart T499

Samsung Dart is the best phone for users who are looking for a small smartphone that covers the basics. Dart offers various features like easy portability, signal performance and battery life. It is not a good choice for people who looks for advanced features. Samsung Dart T499 is a smartphone which is well known for it’s wonderful music playing capacity. It measures 4.1 by 2.4 by 0.5 inches. But unfortunately the phone’s screen offers poor contrast and color accuracy. The touch screen sports only 240 by 320 pixel resolution. It has got a 3-megapixel camera, the camera does not have flash or auto-focus. The videos recorded offers a maximum resolution of just 320 by 240 pixel resolution and 14 frames per second. Dart has got an internal memory of 134MB and Samsung provides a 2GB microSD card for you to get started. The microUSB port is located under a hatch on the top edge of Dart. A 3.5mm headset jack joins the microUSB port on the top. The sound quality exhibited by  Dart is good and the vibrating alert is also strong. While coming to Bluetooth, Dart has got Bluetooth 3.0 and supports profiles, such as A2DP, PBA, and OPP.

Root Samsung Dart T499

Rooting Samsung Dart T499 using SuperOneClick

Rooting should be done to get privileged control over the device. SuperOneClick is an effective rooting tool which can be used for rooting Samsung Dart T499. It is a very useful tool for rooting your Android devices in a single click. Using SuperOneClick consist of some complex steps also, even a small mistake can get your phone bricked. If you have any doubt in using SuperOneClick, then go through our guide on it : How To Use SuperOneClick

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