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One of the most disappointing things with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the region lock which the company came up with in this device. Region lock, as you can guess from the name is a feature which restricts the use of foreign SIM cards in your Galaxy Note 3 by locking the device down with the service providers of your country or region. So the new Galaxy Note 3 users who travel internationally will have to bear the extra roaming charges since you use the SIM card of your native country or the country from where the device was bought.

RegionLock Away App

It seems that XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire has a solution for this trouble on the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (MI7 firmware). Chainfire through his new app RegionLock Away, has managed to remove the network blacklist in Galaxy Note 3 which blocks the carriers & countries and thus eliminate the region lock in total.

The RegionLock Away app doesn’t have much to do with the SIM lock on your Galaxy Note 3 and cannot be considered as a solution towards SIM unlock. Keep in mind that this is a rooted app, so make sure that you root your device before proceeding to install the app.

The app can be bought from the Google Play Store or downloaded for free from the original app thread on XDA (pay if you can to support the developer). If you have any queries related to the app, drop them at the original thread.