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Quick Terminal, a handy app to issue terminal commands in Android quick and easy. The app enables the users to run various day to day commands and display the output in simple text view.

The app includes a quick toggle tab which allows the users to execute a list of pre-coded functions like resetting the signal, changing the MAC address, wiping dalvik cache, rebooting recovery & bootloader, disabling/enabling media scan on boot etc. Quick Terminal also offers a MyScripts tab which allows you to add and flash your own commands. The app also supports the option of running commands with the option of doing it as a regular user or SuperUser.

Quick Terminal

In case you experience any crash with the app installed on your device, then it’s only a matter of deleting the QuickTerminal Folder in the SD card and trying it again.

You can download the app for free from Google Play. The developer also welcomes suggestions of new features and commands which can be included in the quick toggle tab.

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