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You must have heard about the Jelly Bean leak for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III which came from the T-Mobile’s leak which was in the form of a port. Now XDA recognized developer freeza as got a real Jelly Bean leak for the device.

This ROM contains Jelly Bean version 4.1.1 and can be easily flashed. Both odexed and deodexed versions of the ROM are available (if you are unclear about the terms ‘odex’ and ‘deodex’ visit our guides on them: What is ‘Odexed’ in Android? or What is Deodexed in Android?).

Samsung Galaxy S III

freeza has also added some new features including :

  • Jelly Bean boot animation.
  • Modified kernel to adb shell @ root, bootanimation support, and a few other tweaks.
  • Fixed root.

This leak is surprisingly stable expect some minor issues with MMS. You can expect the official release to have Jelly Bean in your Sprint Galaxy S III soon.

Head over to the thread at XDA for more information about the leaked build. If you have any queries related to this leak, just post a comment below or consult the original thread.

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