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Locked bootloaders of Motorola devices always frustrates Motorola users around the globe. It is actually a tradition of this company to lock their devices, they have even released updates to hasp their older devices. But now it is time for the change, Motorola has released their first bootloader unlock tool.

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The new unlock tool from Motorola currently supports developer version of the Droid RAZR, the Verizon and WiFi Xoom and the Motorola Photon Q on Sprint. There are still a lot of devices which are yet to be supported but this tool. Need not bother if your device is not supported, this tool is just a beginning and we can expect more from Motorola.

This first version of the unlock tool has got a lot of things in common with HTCDev. Using this tool is very simple, you’ll need Android SDK and the Motorola drivers for your device to be unlocked using this tool. Then you’ll have to sign in to the MotoDev website, submit your Device ID, obtain an unlock token and unseal your bootloader.

See the official page for more info.

If you have any queries regarding this release, just drop a comment below and we’ll look into it.

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