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Just like rooting a device returning to stock firmware or unrooting it is equally important. We have already wrote about the rooting procedure of TF300T: Guide To Root ASUS Transformer TF300T .30/.29/.26 Firmware. Now we have a method to unroot ASUS Transformer TF300T and take it back to the stock firmware.

The procedures are very simple. You’ll have to download Android SDK to get Fastboot and ADB. It is also necessary to visit the official website of ASUS to get the correct stock firmware. After completing the downloads, it is only a matter of flashing the blob using fastboot commands. You may experience certain problems during the file transfer, which is quite natural. Just go back to the previous step and try again.

Unroot ASUS Transformer TF300T

Follow the steps below to unroot ASUS Transformer TF300T  and bring it back to stock firmware.

  • At first download the stock ROM zip file which matches to your SKU from here.
  • Unzip the downloaded file with which you’ll get another archive file called, unzip this one too.
  • You should end up with several file, with one among them called blob.
  • Download Android SDK in order to get fastboot.
  • Once you have installed fastboot, plug in the device to PC via USB cable.
  • Boot the tablet in fastboot mode by pressing Power+VolDown, select USB icon and press VolUp.
  • Open a command line terminal and go to the folder containing blob file and type the following command

fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash system blob

  • Once the file transfer is complete a “SUCCESS” will appear on the screen.
  • Reboot the device by typing the following command

fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot

Now your ASUS Transformer TF300T is back in stock firmware. If you have any queries in this method, drop down a comment below or read the original thread at XDA.

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