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Curiosity of users may cause devices to get bricked and don’t be surprised if it happens to your device while doing processes like rooting. Is your Acer Iconia A500 tablet bricked? You need not be worried, we have a solution below to unbrick your device.

Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

Follow the steps below to unbrick your Acer Iconia A500 tab :

  • Download the file which shall be used as a recovery from here.
  • Extract the downloaded file somewhere from which it can be easily accessed
  • Navigate to Image folder and rename the recovery as anyname.img.
  • Download any of the latest recoveries of Iconia A500
  • Place the recovery in the image folder and rename it as recovery.img
  • Then open with Administrator Rights DotNetDetecter.exe
  • Continue, continue and continue.
  • If you have ADB Active just put it and it will install it
  • If you don’t have ADB, shut down the tablet completely, connect the device via USB cable, take a paper clip and put it on reset without release it then press the power button and count until you hear the sound when something plugs into windows. Now the device is in APX Mode and the Acer utility will work now
  • Put the UID included by a 0 at the front, if you don’t have it go to USB tools and use USBdeview by staying in APX Mode
  • Wait till everything works and now you’ll have recovery
  • Download ROM 3.2 or ICS 4.0.3 and install it via recovery
  • Download the file
  • Install the version which you choose through recovery

Congrats!!!!! you have cured your Acer Iconia A500!

If you have any doubts in this guide, just drop a comment below or visit the original thread at XDA.

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