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Gingerbreak is an absolutely brilliant app with which you can root Android devices running Gingerbread. In this article, we’ll describe how you can root Motorola Triumph using Gingerbreak. Of course, it is a one click rooting tool (if you have installed the app, then you can say so, because installing the APK takes a few steps).

How To Root Motorola Triumph In One Click

But not just on Gingerbread, Gingerbreak do work on few devices running froyo too. So you could try rooting Motorola Triumph on Android 2.2 froyo using it.

You’ll have to first run the Gingerbreak exploit on your device. You can use our guide for doing it : How To Install And Use Gingerbreak APK

After you have installed the Gingerbreak exploit on your Motorola Triumph, go to Android Market, search for Superuser app and install it. That’s all!

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