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HTC One X was a device which disappointed many of it’s users due to the firmware issues which the device had and there were reports of problems related with the WiFi signal strength from users all over the world. Another main problem faced by HTC One X users was rooting the device, which has been solved recently. Users had to downgrade their firmware to get their HTC One X rooted. Now HTC One X has a root method for 1.85 firmware and the users are advised to use it quickly as the supply may not last for a long.


During the rooting process users should check for updates on their device which gives the device an essential file called ‘local.prop’. This root method is an easy procedure as it only includes the download of some files and the typing of some commands, at the same time it is also considered as potentially dangerous if something flashes incorrectly.

For the downloads and the complete tutorial, go to this thread in XDA.

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