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Odexing the files saves space, and makes it difficult for the applications to be hacked. We have already written in detail about odexed files : What is ‘Odexed’ in Android?. Now XDA senior member paulobrien has introduced a solution for odexing ROMs with the introduction of an app called OdexMe.

How To Odex A ROM

This new app by paulobrien reboots the device, odex everything in /system/app, deletes the dalvik cache and it’s own APK , reboots the device and rebuilds the dalvik cache.

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Normally, no problems are seen during this process of odexing, but still it is better to have a backup of all the files before starting the procedure.

Here we have a step by step guide to odex a ROM using OdexMe app.

  • This app is useless without root, so at first confirm that you device is rooted.
  • Enable Unknown sources by going to Settings > Security > and scroll down.
  • Download com.modaco.odexme.apk and install it just just like the installation of normal apps.
  • Open the app, give it root access and allow the app to run.
  • While the app is running the device reboots many times.
  • You will be welcomed with Android is upgrading, which means that the dalvik cache is being rebuilt.
  • You can confirm the completion of the process by seeing the lock screen. You can also confirm it by going to  system > app and there you will see a bunch of appnamehere.odex files.

Wanna speed up your device? Odex your files and increase the performance and speed.

If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, just drop a comment below or visit the original source at XDA.

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