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After the .26 update came in, users had to downgrade their firmware to version .17 to get their ASUS Transformer TF300T rooted. Now a developer from XDA, miloj has found a mehtod to root ASUS Transformer TF300T .30/.29/.26 firmware without having to go through the downgrade process.

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T

How To Root ASUS Transformer TF300T .30/.29/.26 Firmware

You could do the rooting process either by using this tool which will be automated or you can run the commands manually. Launch the terminal window and type the below given commands if you are going with the second root option.

adb push debugfs /data/local/ adb push su /data/local/ adb shell

$ cd /data/local/ $ mv tmp tmp.back

$ ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 tmp $ exit

adb reboot adb shell

$ cd /data/local

$ toolbox chmod 755 /data/local/debugfs $ /data/local/debugfs -w /data/local/tmp debugfs: cd xbin debugfs: rm su debugfs: write /data/local/su su debugfs: set_inode_field su mode 0106755 debugfs: set_inode_field su uid 0 debugfs: set_inode_field su gid 0 debugfs: quit $ rm /data/local/tmp $ mv /data/local/tmp.back /data/local/tmp $ exit

adb reboot adb shell $ /system/xbin/su # id id=0(root) gid=0(root) …. # exit

$ rm /data/local/su $ rm /data/local/debugfs $ exit

You’ve now got the root on your device. Now launch Google Play and install the Superuser app.

via XDA Forums

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