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It was nearly two months back, the Focal camera app got added to CyanogenMod. And two days back, Focal’s developer Guillaume Lesniak made his move to pull the app from CyanogenMod following the team’s official announcement to move ahead as a registered company. And now he has put up Focal on the Play Store.

Focal shows up on Google Play after pulling from CyanogenMod

There have been signs of conflict between the team’s members and Guillaume Lesniak in the past, but their move to push the ROM as a commercial product from an open source project ended up in his decision of taking his code and himself off from the team. Lesniak came up with a Google+ post a day back, making his side clear, followed by CyanogenMod’s co-founder Steve Kondik’s counter post. Go through Lesniak’s post for a better idea about the issue.

Focal is now in an early beta stage and the work is progressing pretty well. So, you should definitely be expecting crashes and bugs as the app is not stable at the moment; you could give it a try though. The app is expected to work better with phones than tablets (and works better in newer devices, the ones that came after Galaxy S3).

Lot of users were looking forward to try Focal without having to install CyanogenMod. And now it’s officially available for everyone to try [Play Store Link]. So, give it a try if you wish to and tell us what you think below. You could also help the developer improve the app by commenting issues on the app page or reaching out to him on twitter (@xplodwild).

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