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SuperSU has been getting minor and major fixes during the past few days, since its developer Chainfire came up with v1.41 of SuperSU to open up a root for Android 4.3. Now, it’s time for yet another update. SuperSU 1.50 is out and it includes few fixes and also closes a possible malware hole.

The newly introduced Daemon mode has got 5 fixes, GUI has got one and ARMv5 support has been dropped in SuperSU 1.50. Major changes and the cause for the security hole are explained below in brief.

SuperSU App

The storage mounts and mount namespaces were causing issues including the opening of a possible malware hole in the previous releases of SuperSU and version 1.50 gets most of them fixed and seals the hole. In devices with the previous SuperSU versions installed, all commands related to root permissions were executed in the same place. So, if any one of it went through /system, there is a possibility for many others to be executed in the same destination. This is the security issue we were talking about. And SuperSU 1.50 fixes it by giving the proper mount privacy for all app permissions.

ARMv5 support has been dropped by Chainfire in this update. ARMv5 and ARMv6 users can use SuperSU v1.45 for now. To know which processor your device is having, install Android Terminal Emulator (or any other terminal app) and run this code :

getprop ro.product.cpu.abi


getprop ro.product.cpu.abi2

You can download SuperSU 1.50 from Chainfire’s Google+ post and flash it manually with a custom recovery (Bonus Tip : Install Any Custom Recovery in 30 Seconds [One Click Tool]) or update the app via Google Play if have already installed it (Users moving to Android 4.3 would need to reflash the zip to get root). Chainfire has also mentioned a fix for the issue regarding the permission for apps to modify certain files in his Google+ post; be sure to see to that.

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