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S2 Root is a one click rooting software exclusive for a device, the Samsung Galaxy S II. Of course other rooting methods for the newly released Galaxy S II are available, but many users were reluctant to use them to root their phone as they were pretty complex (which the casual users seeking to root their device cannot understand clearly) and also had the danger of getting your phone bricked if not done properly.

Download S2 Root

So, a member at the XDA Forums (lyriquidperfection) has come up with a one click rooting solution for the Samsung Galaxy S2 making it more easy for the users. All credit goes to this guy for bringing a pretty simple tool, which is named as S2 Root. S2 Root is pretty simple to use. Just enable USB debugging after connecting to the computer, flash an insecure kernal and use the tool.

Download S2 Root from here

via XDA Forums

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