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HTC users have already seen a lot of toolkits which offers one click root solution. Now XDA recognized developer lyriquidperfection has rolled out HTC Quick Root 1.1.13, which can root any HTC device in a single click.

This root tool provides options, based on whether your device is S-On or S-Off. A known universal exploit has been provided for the S-On devices which will root the devices with Busybox and SuperSU. For S-Off devices rooting can be done using an insecure boot.img.

HTC Quick Root Tool

Below we have the features which HTC Quick Root v1.1.13 offers.

  • Root using insecure Boot.img (S-OFF Only) or Universal Exploit. (S-ON / S-OFF)
  • Provides option to flash HBOOT Image after rooting, even if your device is S-ON
  • Verify MD5 Checksum of HBOOT image after backing up and after flashing.
  • Unroot device by patching adbd binary as insecure.
  • Root Tools to Clear battery stats and dalvik cache.
  • Reboots device to any mode after rooting.
  • Execute reboot commands independently.
  • Thorough error checking and stable ADB framework implementation.
  • Includes BusyBox v1.20.2 and SuperSU v0.96

NOTE: Before using this root tool make sure that you enable USB debugging mode and disable Fastboot under Power in settings. If you have any doubt enabling the USB debugging mode feel free to read our guide on it: How To Enable USB Debugging Mode (BONUS: What is USB Debugging Mode?).

If you wish to give a try, download HTC Quick Root v1.1.13 from here.

For your queries, visit the original source at XDA or post a comment below.

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