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Some of you might be wondering why we are talking about Cydia and iOS stuffs. Well, here’s why : Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik has brought in Cydia Substrate to Android! And unlike iOS, you could get it directly from the Play Store.

Many Android users would have thought about having Cydia on their devices. Now, it is becoming a reality. Very soon, Cydia Substrate for Android will be filled with tons of tweaks, themes and other addons to help you enjoy more customization freedom on your Android device with ease. Of course, there are lots of customization options available once you have root access on your device. But the point is, Cydia Substrate could make things easier.

Cydia Substrate for Android

Cydia Substrate requires Android 2.3 or higher to work. The app requires you to have root access on your Android device. And once you are ready with that, you have to download and install the Cydia Substrate APK from the Play Store and install it and grant it permission with Superuser. Cydia Substrate is completely free for the users to enjoy.

In addition to Cydia Substrate, Saurik has also released the popular Winterboard app for Android. Winterboard requires Cydia Substrate to be installed.

Both Winterboard and Cydia Substrate are in the initial stages, so you should be expecting some bugs with it. It could be working differently on different devices and software versions.

Play Store download links :

Download Cydia Substrate APK from here

Download Winterboard APK from here

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