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Recently there were reports of  Xperia S lock screen being ported to 5 other Xperia devices and ICS AOKP being ported to 16 Xperia devices. That is not the end, CyanogenMod 10 ports are currently available for seven Xperia devices including  Sony Xperia S, Arc, Arc S, Pro, Neo, NeoV, and Ray. XDA recognized developer FXP is the man behind this.

CyanogenMod 10 Alpha Builds For 7 Xperia Devices

Since they are alpha builds, bugs can be expected in each ROM which may sometimes cause problems. FXP’s bug tracker shall be used to find the bug in each ROM. The lists of bugs are yet to be released.

Click on the corresponding links below for download links and change logs

If you have any doubts, drop a comment below or visit the original thread at XDA.

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