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Not long before, we wrote in detail about odexation of files in our post: What is ‘Odexed’ in Android? [Explained]. Odexing files speeds up the booting process since the files are optimized before booting, in order to pre-load the application before the booting process starts. Odexation, at the same time also saves space.

Auto Odexer Script

Now you can easily odex your files with Auto Odexer Script developed by XDA forum member alkhafaf. This script can be consternating for users who wish to odex a single or specific file and those who are not interested in theming.

Following are the steps to odex your ROM using Auto Odexer :

  • At first download the Auto Odexer Script and extract it somewhere.
  • Put the original odex and apk (or jar) file in the original folder.
  • Then put your modded deodexed apk (or jar) file in the mod folder.
  • If you modified any file in the (res) folder of the deodexed apk (or jar) or u made any editing to xml files then drag
    these files from the deodexed apk (or jar) and drop them in the original apk (or jar) (if u made changes to xml files, then drag the resources.arsc to the original apk (or jar) file). Use 7zip for this operation.
  • Connect the device to your PC via USB by enabling USB debugging and make sure adb is working. If you have an doubt entering debugging mode, feel free to visit our guide on it: How To Enable USB Debugging Mode.
  • It is better to boot in recovery mode, especially while odexing framework files.
  • Run the script, choose the one for apk or for the jar, depending on the file you want to odex.
  • After the script opens, write the name of the apk or jar file without the .apk or .jar


Head over to the original thread at XDA for download links.

Feel free to drop down your queries as comments and we’ll be pleased to look in to it.

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