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Wanna have a toolkit which is compatible with all Android devices? XDA recognized contributor varun.chitre15 is aiming to develop one named AndroPlatina Utilities (current version: 2.0) which is gonna satisfy the rooting needs of almost all the Android devices.

AndroPlatina Utilities 2.0 Toolkit

AndroPlatina Utilities 2.0 toolkit offers the following features :

  • ADB Flasher: With which you can flash recovery,kernel,splash via ADB for almost all Android devices
  • Fastboot flasher: With which you can use fastboot interface easily
  • APK Installer/Batch Installer: Which enables you to install apps in a single click, and the batch installer includes a process bar which keeps you informed with necessary info.
  • ROM Dumper: Alows you to backup nearly all partitions on your device by defining the partition targeting it and just hitting backup.
  • Unrooter: Easy unroot for all Android devices
  • Bootanimation changer: With you can change the boot animation of your phone in just a single click.
  • Recovery tools: Offers one click solution to reboot to fastboot,download mode, recovery, system, fix permissions, factory reset

The developer is aiming to make the above list  longer by adding some new features including :

  • Complete Fastboot flasher
  • Any device Unrooter
  • Complete recovery tools
  • Kernel flasher
  • Logcat collector
  • Bootanimation changer
  • OTA .exe(Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click)
  • Complete kitchen tools
  • Any device tweaker
  • Complete theming
  • Font changer
  • APK Installer
  • A good UI
  • Cross Platform

When completed, this toolkit is gonna be of great use to Android users around the globe.

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For download links and further information regarding this toolkit, head over to the original thread at XDA.

If you have any other queries, drop a comment below and we’ll be looking in to it.

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