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Yesterday, we reported the release of the final stable builds of CyanogenMod 10.1. Today, the CyanogenMod team came up with an unpleasant news for the users of devices with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset that CM 10.1 will be their last official update for the Tegra 2 devices. They announced it through their Google+ page.

This new decision of the CM team is actually due to the shift of Android development to ARM’s NEON Media Processing Engine, a co-processor which is used along most of the recently released processors. NEON capable platforms are characterized by increased effectiveness in media, audio and graphics when compared to the non-NEON processors like Tegra 2 and Exynos. The new applications from Google including the voice recognition app and Gesture keyboard are all examples of the changes which depends on this NEON support.

CyanogenMod Team Decides to End its Support for Tegra 2 Devices

The CM team will continue to roll out CM 10.1 weeklies for the Tegra 2 users until the next Android release, which may be useful if you are ready to neglect the possibility of lags and crashes. Anyway, as I have mentioned at the beginning this new change in the CM releases will cause a mess for the Tegra 2 device users with slow processing. But you need not get totally disappointed if you are one among them, there are still some smart developers out there who would come up with some alternatives. So stay tuned.

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