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A day back, the CyanogenMod Team, the popular Android ROM developers, announced that they are officially starting off as a company (CM’s blog post) as part of their plan to widen the ROM’s reach to more devices along with adding better functionality to the ROM. As the first step of the venture, the team is planning to release an app on Google Play to make the installation process easier and safer.

CyanogenMod Installation to be made easy with Google Play App

As you may know, it’s not that easy to install a CyanogenMod ROM; maybe it is for the experienced users, but not for the majority. Users who are new to installing custom ROM’s, would definitely find the process to be harder than their usual experience with Android. You might have to go through procedures like unlocking the bootloader, rooting, installing a custom recovery, then the ROM, gapps etc about which the newbies would definitely have no idea about. And this is a situation where an automated app would really help for easier installation of the ROM.

So, as a part of extending CyanogenMod’s reach to the normal users, the Team has decided to roll out an official CyanogenMod Installer on Google Play; the app is limited to support only unlocked devices at the moment though. But they have made it clear that they will be seeing to what could be done with the locked devices.

The CyanogenMod Installer is anticipated to pop up on the Play Store in the coming weeks. Along with the installer, they are also looking forward to spread official CyangoenMod support to a more devices. And a lot new changes are in the queue.

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