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A lot of HTC devices received CyanogenMod 10 support since it’s release. Now, unofficial CyanogenMod 10 ports are available for the GSM and CDMA variants of HTC One V. CyanogenMod 10 port for the GSM model is released by XDA recognized contributor Lloir and XDA developer jmztaylor is the guy behind the port for the CDMA version.


Both these ROMs are markedly stable. Issues are there with the camcorder and backlight. The camcorder is functionless and the LED of the backlight never turns off. If you are ready to neglect these bugs, it shall be a good daily driver.

For download links and more information head over to the GSM thread and the CDMA thread at XDA.

If you have any queries regarding this release, just drop a comment below and we’ll be looking in to it.

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